Design Build

"Our knowledge and dedication serves our customers well..."  Paragon has provided design-build services since our inception – either as design-builder, general contractor, construction manager or project management constultant.  We have a keen interest not only in what our clients need, but why.   Because it’s in our nature to ask this question and then dig into the answers, we are highly motivated from the outset to develop innovative and thoughtful solutions.

Our strength in design-build is based on this capacity to provide both design and construction, on knowledge and technical capability gathered over the past 30 years, on our project management expertise, and our commitment to always deliver value to our clients.

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Design-build involves first considering our customers' project needs - whether simple or complex, including function-cost-time-quality considerations as a sttarting point, and then providing design, engineering and construction - a single point of accountability.  The process is collaborative, involving the expertise and capabilities of a team of design and construction professionals that we have come to trust. It is an iterative process - in order to provide the best possible solutions and best value for our customers, solutions are fine-tuned through the design and construction process.

Design-Build is the quickest path from conception to delivery, providing a turnkey, fixed-price solution that brings the client, designer, consultants, and contractors together as a team. Designs are optimized by the collaborative nature of Design Build, and scheduling is streamlined with tasks more readily "stacked" in the schedule. Added layers of risk management are inherent, and cost reviews are incorporated into an iterative design process. Design-built projects are often completed faster, saving time and costs.

As design-builder, we provide both design and construction which brings some very significant benefits for our clients. Among the many benefits is the inherent ability to fast-track our projects when needed. We can often start construction on certain elements of the Work at the same time as working drawings are being done. By taking advantage of the collaborative nature of design-build - with designer and builder working together in lock-step, project tasks can be "stacked" in the schedule to overlap instead of running consecutively, with associated overall time and cost savings.

During design, we collaborate with our clients to identify the primary requirements and develop the concept/preliminary plan and initial project budget. Gaining a clear understanding of needs and communicating effectively about obvious or possible solutions, we consider and develop:

  • functional goals – multiple complex functions;
  • site and building size, architectural preference;
  • access, adjacency, expandability;
  • building code requirements, bylaws and regulations;
  • durability of equipment, systems and materials;
  • life-cycle, cost and quality;
  • We also consider schedule and resources, as they pertain to the constructability and cost of the project.


The design-build collaborative advantage...  the builder is responsible for design as well as construction, creating a collaborative synergy between owner, builder, architect & engineers. The resulting advantages are in reduced overall costs, dramatically improved project durations, and simplified accountability.

Because project schedules are reduced, facilities are ready for occupancy sooner and our customers can begin operations more quickly.  This is particularly important when that facility's function is of a commercial nature, finance costs are reduced, and facility revenue generation can begin. 

Examples ... Some of our design build projects have included the design and construction of:
  • Manufacturing complexes
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Truck-shop complexes
  • Warehouse complexes
  • Retail Automotive
  • Retail Food Services
  • Custom Timber-Framed Residential