Industrial Projects

With a solid, 30 year foundation, our experience and diverse capabilities provide an important sense of confidence for our clients...

After years of experience and education as a building construction technologist, Paragon’s owner, Larry Marchand, worked from 1988 through 1995 with a pre-engineered steel building systems manufacturer in progressive design and production operations roles. Following came several subsequent years with a structural engineering firm specializing in industrial & commercial projects, and then roles with an award winning national general contractor and an internationally recognized project management firm.

Drawing on the experience of design and construction of hundreds of steel building projects, in the context of a broad base of experience in general construction and pure project management, Paragon delivers project solutions based on the unique combination of in-depth knowledge of steel building systems - as well as conventional steel, concrete and masonry structures systems, general construction contracting, industrial architectural design, and advanced construction capabilities.

Paragon was incorporated in 2001 to provide design-build construction services specializing in industrial steel building systems, as well as a variety of specialized construction management assignments for project owners.  Today Paragon's capabilities are drawn on by owners seeking a variety of services ranging from simple supply and erection of engineered steel buildings, to full turn-key solutions with complex designs, structures and architecture.

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The Synergy in successful collaboration with capable Industry Partners...

We made a well-considered decision in 2011 to develop a new relationship with Garco Building Systems as our Engineered Steel Building Systems supplier. Garco has worked progressively for over 50 yeras to develop their reputation as one of the most diversely competent, innovative and reliable industrial building manufacturers in North America.

We are proud of our relationship with Garco, and certainly very happy with the knowledge base their people bring to each project. We look forward to the coming years as we collaborate to provide innovative solutions to our customers, based on Garco's continued commitment to meet new market demands, such as their Green Initiatives to be an environmentally responsible manufacturer.

Garco Building Systems qualifications and exceptional capabilities for industrial steel buildings are based on over 50 years of experience, since 1958. Garco utilizes a 140,000 square foot production facility and a 15,000 square foot office, and employs approximately 150 engineers, designers, drafters, welders, light gage metal workers, sales, and administrative personnel.

Garco Building Systems is a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association and is one of only a handful of building manufacturing companies in North America that are IAS Accredited; the best and only assurance of project quality in every aspect of design, as well as raw material controls and proper application of fabrication techniques.

The building shown here at the framing stage (2011) was a post-disaster multi-function municipal works building at Ross River Yukon, which utilized R50 wall and roof insulated panels to suit the Yukon winters. We increased the size of our crew to shorten the construction duration.

Garco Building Systems is approved or certified by the following agencies:

IAS(International Accreditation Service) The IAS accreditation certificate recognizes Garco Building Systems as an approved fabricator of structural steel building assemblies under Section 1701.7 of the Uniform Building Code and Section 1704.2.2 of the 2003 or 2006 International Building Code in accordance with fabricator inspection program FA316.
QUASAR(A Division of the CWB Group) Certified to CAN/CSA A660 Standard. Annual audits are required to maintain certification. Areas of focus include both design and manufacturing.
CWB(Canadian Welding Bureau) Tests welders and welding procedures in accordance with CWB C.S.A. Standard W47.1 involving 1) Tackers, 2) SMAW, 3) GMAW, and 4) SAW.
Architectural Testing, Inc.(Testing Laboratory) Performs quarterly inspections of Garco's facility. These inspections include reviews of procedures and confirm welding compliance to AWS standards.
WABO (WashingtonAssociation of Building Officials) Performs welding tests of personnel per operator performance qualification standard #27-13 Structural Steel.