History ... Paragon was incorporated in 2001 by Larry Marchand to provide comprehensive PM/CM services to owners, recognizing the need for dedicated construction project management services for complex, one-off projects. Since then, based on a clear goal of integrating a broad knowledge base & diverse prior experience into a cohesive, multi-faceted construction services company, Paragon has progressively developed its services to include variety of construction management, design-build and general construction services for complex multi-faceted industrial and commercial projects, not to mention "special projects", that don't fit within typical categories, acting either as project leaders, design-builder, or general contractor.

"We thoroughly enjoy connecting with people and organizations that are similarly committed to their own worthwhile endeavors as we are."

Progressive, Diverse Experience ...

Paragon provides design-build construction, engineered steel building systems, general construction services and construction management expertise.  Our services are based on the more than 30 years of diverse, progressive experience in the areas of design, engineering and construction, of owner Larry Marchand, plus extended capabilities of important industry partners.

Enduring industry partnerships and ongoing customer relationships which we have come to enjoy are a result of our ongoing commitment to always serve very well, and to develop long term, synergistic relationships within our industry and our community.

Philosophy ...

With a conviction formed over many years, we fully understand that the effective execution of the core elements of project management is the key to consistently delivering construction products and services exceptionally well - project leadership is one of our strongest attributes. That’s the business part – we also understand very well that the way we conduct ourselves in business creates new opportunities to enjoy our professional lives on a personal level.

Based on these fundamental capabilities, our primary goal is to continually deliver service excellence within a competitive and innovative marketplace - and satisfying our customers’ needs is our most memorable reward. Therefore the more complex and challenging the project and the greater the need for our expertise and diligence, the greater the reward is.

That said, we certainly know there are other rewards – friendships made over many years is one of the greatest. There is plenty behind the saying that, “we live to work and work to live”, and by now we’ve figured out that one of the best ways to infuse the most satisfaction into our working lives is to take every opportunity to really enjoy the people we choose to work with – this includes our clients, business associates, and co-workers. In the process of conducting our business, we continually find new opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

Commitment ...

Paragon’s dedication to service and community, our technical strengths, methodical approach, experience in design and construction, thoughtful risk management and project management expertise all support our commitment to provide valued services to project owners, for complex industrial or commercial, recreational, municipal or custom "special" projects.

"... We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit."