Revelstoke Community Energy Corporation District Energy / Municipal Civil Infrastructure / Industrial

Scope ... District heating project, including Industrial Central Heating Plant, 3.25 MWt capacity including 1.5 MWt megawatt wood-fired central heating plant, 2.5 km of welded, insulated pipeline, and mechanical thermal transfer equipment / piping distribution in customer facilities.

Services ... Construction management, procurement of construction and equipment, construction coordination and supervision, contract administration. Paragon's subsequent assignments for RCEC have included ongoing planning and project management for additional capital works including Phases Two & Three, connection of two new schools, and ongoing technical and management support.

General Description & Features ... The highly automated plant utilizes a biomass boiler with heat capture to provide district heating to municipal and private sector buildings in the City core and steam for the dry kilns at Downie Street Sawmills Ltd.  The project reduces green house gas emissions by approximately 4000 tonnes CO2 annually, has improved air quality in the community and is a highly sustainable community initiative. The plant contains numerous systems redundancies as required to ensure uninterrupted delivery of energy to all its customers and its control systems are remotely accessible.  The project also included installations at the Revelstoke Aquatic Centre, Revelstoke arena, Secondary School (RSS), and Powder Springs Motel and Minto Manor.  Subsequent phases of the work have included connection of 5 additional buildings to date.

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to the very hands-on RCEC Board of Directors, and to FVB Energy for their industry leading knowledge, design and engineering.
  • Pipeline Main – Expansion Joint

  • Insulated Pipelines – Joint Sealing

  • Safety First

  • Plant Building & Bin Complete

  • Central Plant Structural Complete

  • Central Plant – Steel & Wood

  • Laying out the Biomass Fuel Bin

  • Hoisting the Electrostatic Precipitator