"The farther we look back, the more clearly we are able to look ahead"
Follow the links to a few projects which show some recent history, demonstrating Paragon's depth and range of capabilities - and the relevance for your project.
Paragon's expertise covers a broad range and over the years many "knowledge threads" have developed to interconnect this diversity of experience, whether similarities of scope, of design or complexity, similar methods of execution, etc." At a certain point there gets to be this critical mass of interconnected knowledge and capability over many years and many types of projects, which becomes the base for taglines like "well-rounded experience...".  The knowledge and experience gained from each past and new project we do adds value for the next new assignment.
Follow the links under 'Projects' for a general description of the various projects including their attributes, scope, methods, challenges, and some interesting photos. Our experience includes a broad range of other project types, delivered with a diversity of methods, and particulars specific to each particular project scope, including: