Liquidity Winery's new production building at Okanagan Falls, near Penticton, was completed in fall 2012 and includes 5,000 SF of new production areas.  There are a couple of "cool" elements to this project... the relatively complex structural assembly, (less than about 1% of pre-engineered steel buildings have hip roofs), and the horizontal insulated wall panels.  Those of you in the know will understand this is a pretty neat trick. Paragon collaborated during design and engineering, and then supplied and erected the custom steel building as well as provided concrete foundations and slabs.  



Special thanks to Wally James of Buccaneer Contracting, prime contractor / construction manager for the project.  Wally worked with Liquidity's owners as both designer and general contractor, with oversight for the complete project, based on Wally's many years of experience and success in building wine facilities - among other things. (Have a look at